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Creative lighting


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Our recommendations for creative lighting are:

In line with the Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy, produce a Lighting Strategy that explores lighting for the public realm to support safe and inclusive places, placement of lighting across the borough, temporal wayfinding and creative use of light, informed by appropriate guidance on the impacts of lighting on biodiversity 

Ensure the lowest energy lighting is used and the Lighting Strategy complies with Wandsworth’s Environment and Sustainability Strategy (2019-2030) 

Identify locations for design solutions and/or improved lighting such as underpasses, alleyways, dark spots and gateways to the centres  

Creative use of lighting in the public realm to animate streets and transform spaces with particular attention to those that feel hostile. For example through use of bead lights on trees, up-lighting of buildings, and light projections etc. 

The use of warm lighting is encouraged over harsh lighting to reduce negative perceptions of safety rather than flood lights that look like a deterrent and reinforce perception of danger 

Consider using light to create a positive presence of buildings that are closed at night such as cultural, civic, religious and educational facilities, and businesses, as well as landmarks 

Design in shields, baffles and louvres to ensure light does not shine into homes, which is already used for traffic lights to mitigate light from flooding homes

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