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You can find all our Night Time Strategy recommendations here. You can either choose to leave feedback on the overall recommendations at the end of the text, or you can choose to leave feedback on the individual categories (whichever ones that interest you most) within the themes People, Place, Economy and Transport by clicking the navigational buttons at the bottom of the page.


  • Promote later opening hours for a range of businesses in alignment with Council policies, with a greater consideration of safety benefits and the consideration of the night time work force
  • Improve street lighting through well-considered interventions that respond to the local area, prioritising locations that night time users tell us are problematic, ensuring they are creative and welcoming as well as practical
  • Encourage, where appropriate, spill out spaces of cafés, restaurants and bars onto back streets to improve activity and contribute to a sense of safety (through table and chair use where practical)
  • Work with local businesses to consider practical solutions to improve perceptions of safety at night, such as locking gates, placing bins in appropriate places and ensuring walkways are kept clear
  • An enhanced ‘place-based’ approach to existing Council and Police joint working to identify crime hotspots, consider more CCTV, tackle Violence Against Women and Girls and provide greater police presence and faster response rate in areas of need
  • Police, Council and businesses to work together to reduce crime through initiatives such as Ask for Angela / Wave training, Good Night Out campaign, White Ribbon and Women’s Night Safety Charter, continued torch walks, with aspirations for Purple Flag status
  • All new drinking establishments to require sexual harassment training provided by the Council when applying for a licence, and encourage existing establishments to undertake training too
  • Council to partner with external organisations to offer bystander, personal safety and self-defence training
  • Enhanced communications and outreach support at night offering help to rough sleepers, people suffering mental health problems and women escaping domestic abuse

Young people

  • Work with young people and town centre partners to create safe spaces to spend time in at night
  • Better monitoring and communication with Police and partners of disputes in schools to stop escalation of incidents into the night
  • Police to continue to build trust with young people by attending schools, youth clubs and community centres to provide clarity around stop-and-search and gain a better understanding around why young people carry knives
  • Youth workers to accompany police at night for shared learning
  • Encourage young people to attend activities in the evenings and visit new places through buddy schemes, cycle training, travel training or youth club buses
  • Provide tools for young people on ways to help them stay safe at night such as education on their rights surrounding stop-and-search as well as bystander training witnesses


  • Provide workshops and resources for parents and young people on gender-based violence, social media, bullying and gang crime
  • Campaign targeted at men and male-only sessions held around sexism, including boys to men mentoring, that puts the focus on men and boys to change their behaviour
  • Campaigns advocating zero tolerance for sexism, racism, drunken behaviour, and attitudes towards young people

Night workers

  • Build on our engagement with night workers to continue to monitor their needs to provide desired amenities and access to out-of-office hours services
  • Seek to improve safety for all night workers, including Council staff working at night such as carers and housing officers
  • Provide amenity space for HGV and delivery drivers to access toilets, food and rest space at night

A place for everyone - encouraging people out 

  • A range of evening and night time uses on high streets, beyond just eating and drinking, tying into the 15-minute neighbourhood approach
  • Ensure uses on offer at night respond to the needs of the whole community, including activities for young and old people, as well as families to enjoy the night time together
  • Continued engagement with residents (including young people, LGBTQI+, ethnic minorities, older people), local businesses, workers and visitors to the high streets to understand what they would like to see improved in the night time
  • Engage with businesses and relevant organisations to improve provision for night workers such as healthy food options that are open later, evening childcare i.e. night nurseries, and places to rest
  • Implement free USB points for charging phones across town centres in safe spaces such as street furniture, bus stops and transport interchanges
  • Investigate accessible toilet provision locations and address public urination issues
  • Evening and night time social hubs that are inviting to intergenerational communities

Design our centres for the night

  • Consider the design and use of pedestrianised streets and spaces into the night after dark and during the winter through lighting, shelters and spill-out space
  • Promote active frontages at night using sustainable lighting and colourful shutters to animate high streets when shops are closed, especially in dark areas and corners where more than two consecutive units are shut
  • Work with owners of vacant units to introduce temporary and permanent solutions either inside or on their frontage to help animate streets at night
  • Consider creative interventions such as murals and installations, working with the community, to create more attractive, safer places and provide a sense of ownership

Parks and open spaces

  • Police to direct more surveillance to parks at night
  • Encourage walking and cycling routes through parks to increase activity at night and help with perception of safety
  • Provide support for people with mental health difficulties and rough sleepers that spend time in parks at night
  • Local and town centres should have flexible open space, such as that of Granary Square in Kings Cross, potentially with shelters, that can accommodate a range of uses for the community of all ages to meet at night

Culture and art

  • Develop an affordable or free night-time programme of events, both indoors and outdoors, for each town centre with local businesses, artists and community groups, delivered annually
  • Pilot night markets that create a destination for the evening and night time when high street stores close
  • Support night-time activities or events through heritage and night trails that tell stories of the borough at night, connecting our Town and Local Centres, and utilising the river Thames as an asset
  • Outdoor exhibitions, interactive artworks and murals on undesired paths and walkways or development hoardings

Creative lighting

  • In line with the Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy, produce a Lighting Strategy that explores lighting for the public realm to support safe and inclusive places, placement of lighting across the borough, temporal wayfinding and creative use of light, informed by appropriate guidance on the impacts of lighting on biodiversity
  • Ensure the lowest energy lighting is used and the Lighting Strategy complies with Wandsworth’s Environment and Sustainability Strategy (2019-2030)
  • Identify locations for design solutions and/or improved lighting such as underpasses, alleyways, dark spots and gateways to the centres
  • Creative use of lighting in the public realm to animate streets and transform spaces with particular attention to those that feel hostile. For example through use of bead lights on trees, up-lighting of buildings, and light projections etc.
  • The use of warm lighting is encouraged over harsh lighting to reduce negative perceptions of safety rather than flood lights that look like a deterrent and reinforce perception of danger
  • Consider using light to create a positive presence of buildings that are closed at night such as cultural, civic, religious and educational facilities, and businesses, as well as landmarks
  • CDesign in shields, baffles and louvres to ensure light does not shine into homes, which is already used for traffic lights to mitigate light from flooding homes

Architecture and public realm

  • Consider producing Supplementary Planning Guidance to ensure ground floor architecture and public realm design is informed by, and enhances the night time experience, with facade design that transitions seamlessly into the night
  • Development proposals to prepare strategies that provide flexible, well-designed and adaptable spaces for commercial and community night time uses
  • Encourage weather-proof outdoor performance and gathering spaces to be designed into new developments
  • Avoid dark corners and narrow pavements in consideration of safety at night
  • Ensure women and other user groups are consulted on significant placemaking design proposals to encourage gender equality at night

Working together, creatively 

  • Council to investigate, in the context of the Arts and Culture Strategy, how the creative economy can tie into night time economy ambitions
  • Council to investigate, in the context of the Arts and Culture Strategy, how the creative economy can tie into night time economy ambitions
  • The Council to engage town centre BIDs and local business associations on promoting the night time economy in their local areas, for example to deliver events or offers, such as a paint shop working with a furniture shop to deliver an interior design night
  • Respond to the feedback of Queer Wandsworth on a variety of issues, including a new LGBTQI+ venue in the borough, encourage venues to present rainbow flags, and celebrate the LGBTQI+ community

New, affordable and flexible spaces

  • Work with anchor cultural venues and bars to promote and revitalise their night time offer. This could be through introducing or expanding live music and performance such as comedy, theatre or poetry
  • Daytime businesses and institutions such as schools to experiment with ‘second life’ evening and night-time activities
  • Work with businesses and other organisations to introduce more evening and night time uses, including community hubs that are not solely based around drinking
  • Rethink workspace provision now that workspace is in the same use class as retail, allowing for mixed retail and workspace units without requiring planning consent. This could activate high streets by those requiring desk / studio space at night
  • Promote sustainable, ethical goods at night such as late opening repair shops, vegetable box pick-up spots and healthy takeaway establishments

Night workers

  • Encourage businesses to provide good working practices, including London Living Wage, and support for staff to entice and retain workers in the hospitality and gig economy sectors
  • Engage with employers to reassure workforce that travel during night time hours is safe and to make provision for more employee journeys in out-of-office hours
  • Support businesses to recruit to the night time workforce for example through job fairs at local universities, community spaces and youth clubse
  • Work with night time employers to provide information on legal and mental health services for night shift workers, collaborating with initiatives such as Night Club
  • Special discounts for night workers at specified businesses

Digital inclusivity

  • An easy-to-use online calendar showing day and night activities for each town centre, promoted across the borough through a strong visual campaign. Though various streams do already exist such as wandsworthart.com, these should be centralised

DData collection and incentives

  • Comprehensive data on town and local centres collected for businesses to understand where later opening hours could work best
  • Work with local businesses to encourage later opening times trials

Public Transport 

  • Work with TfL, National Rail and other transport providers to create safe, vibrant environments at transport hubs and bus stops at night
  • Interventions to improve the experience at busy interchanges and transport hubs, such as public artwork, calming music, seating and sustainable greening
  • Council to consider licencing and later opening hours decisions to support a safe environment at transport hubs
  • Links between bus stops, train and tube stations should be well lit and easy to find at night, including for people with accessibility needs
  • Information campaign to let passengers know how to seek help if concerning situations arise i.e notifying bus driver if something unsettling happens on their bus
  • Engage with TfL and rail companies about affordability of transport and experiences of transport for night workers, especially for women and ethnic minorities

Walking and wayfinding

  • TfL’s Legible London signs placed in all town and local centres
  • Clear wayfinding interventions, including through creative lighting, that are accessible and inclusive for all
  • Implement the Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy


  • Place new bike stands in well-lit areas near late opening venues and outside active frontages
  • Engage with TfL and other providers on existing bike stands and new placements in safe places
  • Introduce night-time confidence building cycle sessions to encourage people to use active travel at night
  • Encourage young people to take up cycling at night through incentives in schools and youth clubs

Private transport

  • Council to work with TfL, Police and taxi providers to help ensure the safety of taxi users
  • More car club bays to be introduced


  • Manage the delivery sector to have a more harmonious relationship with the wider night-time economy, avoiding pavement obstruction
  • Provision for delivery drivers of all types recognising them as night workers, such as designated parking spaces for HGV and delivery drivers waiting for jobs
  • Incentivise businesses to use more sustainable forms of transport at night, such as e-cargo bikes, particularly for doorstep deliveries

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