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Getting around Wandsworth at night in a safe, accessible and straightforward way is essential to creating an active and welcoming night time experience for all. Though the reinstatement of the night tube has been welcomed by many, much of the borough is not served by the underground and a special focus is needed on transport at night, where more issues can arise compared to the daytime. 

Between night workers, residents and visitors alike, the attractiveness and affordability of the different modes of transport, from walking to public transport and taxis, influence our choices of travel. Wandsworth Council is committed to improving active travel through its new Walking and Cycling Strategy (2022-2030), which strives to allow all residents, of all ages and abilities to either walk or cycle to their destinations in the borough without experiencing danger. 

Transport, including walking and cycling, requires ongoing review to ensure residents, workers and visitors feel they can explore the borough at night whether alone or in groups.A good quality transport system is also necessary to support businesses at night and meet climate change goals.

Walking and safety

  • Most people either walk or travel by bus at night in Wandsworth
  • You want better walking facilities in the night time with more wayfinding and signage
  • Underpasses, side roads and quiet areas feel unsafe
  • Back alleyways are unlit and attract crime
  • Better lighting is needed across Town and Local Centres
  • Transport hubs and interchanges between bus stops and stations can feel unsafe at night
  • Women shift workers feel unsafe at night at bus stops and walking home
  • LGBTQI+ community feel unsafe after dark, especially in quiet areas
  • Some businesses do not allow their younger staff to work at night
  • Some youth clubs walk their young people home


  • Bike stands are often located in dark and uninviting places and there is a fear of crime when using the stands, as well as bikes being stolen 
  • Need more Santander cycle docks

Public transport

  • Public transport needs to be safer, especially for those with protected characteristics such as young people, women and the LGBTQI+ community
  • Need to improve accessibility across the borough as it is hard to reach some parts by public transport
  • Concerns around the loss of some bus routes and the frequency of night busses 
    Empty heading

Taxis / private transport

  • Not everyone can afford taxis, artists for example performing at venues often cannot afford taxis to go home at night
  • Some businesses have budgets to pay for women and vulnerable staff to travel home at night by taxi, but not all can afford this
  • Free parking may not serve sustainability interests but helps with safety at night for some people

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